where we sleep and eat some food

Here are some photos of the house in Kampala that we get to stay in.  It's amazing.  There are three bedrooms upstairs (girls in one, boys in the other two).  Most of the group spent late yesterday evening out on the upstairs balcony.  The weather is sooooo wonderful.  It's cool and breezy at night, which makes the balcony the hot spot.  Well, actually the cool spot.  But you know what I mean.

[the above photo was taken by DAVIS ROBINSON]

This is where I lay my head. Under a net. I kind of feel like a princess under a lace canopy. 

This is Miriam.  She is sort of like our house-mother.  She sleeps in the bedroom downstairs and watches over the palace.  I mean, place.  

This is what the spot beside the front door looks like: permanently cluttered with an assortment of (oftentimes smelly) footwear.

What we do at night:  play games.  In the dark.  Because the power is always out. Not to be deterred from our gaming revelry, we hang a battery-powered light on the chandelier in the dining room and play by flashlight.

And finally, here is one of the first photos I took in Uganda.  This is Eddie, climbing to the top of the van to stack our luggage (without bungie cords or tie-down straps) for the high-speed midnight ride to the house in Kampala.  

over and out from around the corner, through the woods, across the ocean, and down the street,

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