the big nine

This is our fearless leader, Jonathan.  Jonathan is a banana-grams fiend, loves sarcasm and satin, has either a R&B song or a one-liner for every occasion, calls himself Jonah to the Africans, and sniffles when I am around him which makes me think that he is not-so-subtly implying that I am stinky.  Jonathan has been the best team leader any of us could ever hope for.  Thank you Jonathan!

Amy: our second-in-command.  Amy loves to win at word games (and she does), enjoys clever banter, sarcastic, has a heart for families, and once went on a scavenger hunt to find monkeys and got in big and serious trouble.  Amy has recently acquired a very live chicken which she must butcher so that we can eat it.  I am not even remotely kidding.

Casey: sweet and considerate girl, recent pre-K grad (Davis made me write that), a real team player, and number-games whiz.  Casey is also a ladder-folding pro, Davis’ substitute sister on the trip, and is working on being brave enough to try avocado.

Josh, has a thick New York accent, has a surprising work history, relocated his stomach to a different position in his body, and never took a shower until college. Josh’s hobby is collecting disposable cameras and is a game-aholic.

Dan: our go-to guy, Dan is the facts-man with many an interesting tale and knows every person in the country of Uganda (well maybe not everyone, but it seems like it because everyone we meet knows him).  Dan instigated the great and mysterious machete episode (more details later). …wait, speaking of Dan… where IS he?

RJ, Son of Dan: puts salt on everything, turns into the pied piper when he holds camera, ginger, hard-worker, and wears a Cyclops light on his head a lot.  RJ calls himself Richard to Africans, turned 16 years old in Uganda, ate an African birthday cake, and received a Uganda jersey.

Jennifer: our team mom.  Jennifer is a miracle worker who has a knack for appearing with the right meds at just the right time, has dropped contractions from her speech all together, dreams of being a boda-boda driver, and recently learned to dominate in spades.  Jennifer is generous with a sweet and good-natured spirit, loves avocados, and allows the rest of the group to have all the meat being served on the table (read: sweet and generous).

Davis, Son of Jennifer (written by April, duh):  king of the one-liners, screams like a banshee in his sleep, stands like a pretzel, eats everything in sight except fruits and vegetables, and loves kids.  Davis is an up-and-coming professional photographer and my BFF ever and ever and forever.  

April (written by Davis):  super great skin, has this kind of look that is somewhere in-between hippy and outdoorsy, laughs at all my jokes, has a great laugh, pretty, cool, best, fun, perfection at its best, great hair, sweetheart, great personality, my best friend forever, (my new facebook friend), and BFF, bff, BfF, bFf, BfF.

So there you have it.  Here is our whole team.  Better late than never, eh?  We took this picture today, right after we each rode on a boda-boda.  We flew on two wheels.  We popped a front wheel-y and a back wheel-y.  At the same time.  (Mom, if you are reading this, don't panic, I wasn't the one driving).  It appears that we may have gotten a little speck of dust on our faces.  I may have even yelled to Amy, "Eat my dust," as I passed her at a high-rate of motion on my boda-boda.  Amy, I didn't really mean that.  I was just caught up in the moment.  I'm sure it won't happen again.

wishing I could send some dust your way,
over and out from Africa with love,


  1. hey april! just catching up on the trip, even though you all have been in my prayers every day. love your writing so far, and can't wait to keep reading. please give everyone my love!! (Florance and Betty especially if she is cooking for you!) (and eddie and olive if they are taking care of you on the road)

  2. hey, I didn't realize Jonathan Savage was with you! I miss that guy.

  3. thanks emile! I told everyone you sent greetings! and, of course, they sent their love and greetings back... oh, and one sweet lady gave me a letter to give to you! soooo... I need to get that too you soon, somehow!

    and nick, I kept forgetting to tell you that Jonathan was our team leader for the trip. he had told me he knew you and brooke from church!