this is the day that never ends...

Yeah. I'm still talking about Day 2 of the trip.
But this is the last time, I promise.

Remember when I wrote this title:
Day 2// Kampala to Gaba to Lake Victoria to Bethany Village and Back.... ?
Well, there was one more place we went that day.  So the title really should have looked more like this:
Day 2// Kampala to Gaba to Lake Victoria to Bethany Village and back to Gaba to Kampala to Loving Hearts Babies Home and finally back Home...
But that was a little long so I left out a fair portion of it, thinking I wouldn't post about the last bit of Day 2.  Then, as I was just about to move on to Day 3, I began reviewing the pictures from that last bit of Day 2, and realized I couldn't NOT post these pictures and tell you a bit about (oh, wait, that's fun to say: a bit about, a bit about...) the humble little orphanage with the really big heart.

So, after we went to Bethany Village Orphanage, which was after we rode in a yellow boat on Lake Victoria, which was after we saw Gaba community... we visited Loving Hearts Babies Home, a small orphanage right up the street from our guesthouse in Kampala.  Because of our extended excursion in the Little-Yellow-Boat-That-Could and not being able to pull ourselves away from the terrific Bethany Village Orphanage at the previously scheduled time, we did not make it back to Kampala with enough time left in the day to be able to go out to the village of Buloba.  So, instead,  we trekked up the road behind our guesthouse to this little place:

Loving Hearts is a home for abandoned children who are now in the process of being adopted, although many of the babies living there have not yet received potential adoptive parents.  This orphanage is another of the many ministries of Africa Renewal Ministries (ARM) in Uganda. 

(Be a dear, and look past the blurriness in some of these photos!)

I wish you could tell from this photo just how TINY this little girl was.  
She was a seriously premature baby.  Her whole body fit in the palm of a hand.  
She was two weeks old when we met her.  She didn't have a name yet.

Jonathan with little Eric the Pensive Observer.
Jennifer with little Omega the Exuberant (above, and below in the sunglasses) 
and little Aaron the Purposeful.
Josh with one cute baby.

 Josh with a few cute babies and Amy with a little sweetie.
...Josh with a few more cute babies vying for his attention.
And you know what?  Josh had never held a baby before this trip.  
Ever.  Just look at him now!  He's a pro.

RJ and a little one.
Casey and a cutie.

Davis and little Hannah the Darling.

Amy and a little bundle of sweetness.

Dan and Jemima the Contented.  
Isn't Jemima a delightful little name for this sweet girl?

So, how many times did I say sweet, cute, and little?  A few too many, I'm sure.  
But I think you can understand why.  We may have missed going to Buloba for the day, but I think the day turned out just right, despite the change of plans.  

This also happened on the never-ending Day 2:
Davis discovered my camera.

And he captured this:

And then these dining room curtains billowing in the breeze:
And then Casey walking through the portal of our front gate:
And these ruffled banana leaves:
And these stunners:
And this massive and impressive hundreds-of-years-old tree 
(too bad you can't really grasp how huge the trunk was):
And this burglar-deterrent:
And this pretty cool abandoned apartment building:
And then he did this:

A pose that was to be repeated dozens more times.   

Little did we know that we had watched a monster form right before our eyes.   This photo series was only the beginning of Davis' fascination with stealing my camera and running all over the Ugandan countryside snapping pictures like paparazzi.  But I think he took some pretty stellar photos, wouldn't you agree?  And he continued to do so.  Just you wait and see.

over and out and finished posting about day 2, much to your relief,

p.s. For those of you who recognized the subtle 'Lambchops' reference in the title and now have the song lodged in your brain, going on and on, my friends... I am so very sorry. 

Links for more about Loving Hearts Babies Home:

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