a few links and the first mid-day meal

Here is an article about some of the work that has gone on at Bethany Village:

This is a link to ARM's website.
Under the 'project profiles' tab you can find information about Bethany and Buloba and other projects begun by ARM, including the child sponsorship program.

This is the organization that Patrick founded and oversees in Uganda.
Bridge Africa was our contact group and provided our living and traveling accommodations while we were in the country.  Patrick and his team are completely wonderful and amazing.

I thought I would also share our first mid-day meal in Uganda with you.

This is the place.  Those are the people.
Including this guy.

And this guy.
And, uh, these guys.
And here is Patrick!  He is explaining the difference between his wife expecting one child... and now, when she is expecting twins!  

This is what Jennifer and I ordered.  
The crispy tasty streaky bacon dish with avocados.

It was yummy.  See how happy we were? 
And this is a plant that was there.  Just wanted to share its weirdness with you.

over and out til I post the third day of our african adventures,

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