a bounty of impatience

I am finding it hard to wait for Uganda pictures to liven up the grey-tones of my blog.  Oh, don't get me wrong---I love grey.  Loooove grey.  Why?  Because it's a kinder, gentler version of black.  Because it looked oh-so-mod as the text color on all those architecture boards I had to design in school.  I employed so very many shades of marvelous grey.  But the very best thing about the color grey is how awesome, stunning, vibrant, phenomenal, spectacular, dazzling, enchanting, and radiant other colors look when they are paired with it.  Grey makes the perfect backdrop for almost anything and pretty much everything.

The dark, ferocious greys of a thunderstorm set off the vibrant greens of trees and plants. The pale, hazy greys of fog and mist transform already lovely fields of flowers and crops into magical landscapes. The smokey greys of clouds hovering over mountains give further drama to the lofty heights.  And I won't even delve into my thoughts and ideas about grey tones on interior walls or finishes.  Let's just say I'm a fan.  But I digress.

Moving on.  Here's a thought: did you know I happen to like the color grey?  Oh, and did I mention I'm partial to grey?  That I am exceedingly fond of grey?  As a matter of fact, I like gray too, but I think gray is prettier in the form of grey, which I just adore.  In closing, it's safe to say I have a mild penchant for grey.  But more than that, I am wild about grey, although I must say I do like grey.  Just thought I should briefly mention it.

Anyway, I think my blog is in desperate need of some color.  So, until I can post pictures of Uganda, I thought I would put up some photos I took of my grandfather's lovely garden and then some I took at the park behind my great-grandmother's former apartment in Atlanta.

architecture school did this to me, 
forever yours,

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