25 hours/ 3 continents/ 4 countries

Greetings from Uganda!

Just a few things have gone on since I last posted.  Not the least of which is waking up to a rooster crowing, sleeping under a mosquito net, and running from roaches the size of small dogs.  No lie.  …Okay, maybe that is a tiny lie.  More like roaches the size of mice.  No lie---for real this time.  I have eaten breakfast at 1am, repeated that at 3am, and had lunch at 5am.  Then my body forgot that such a thing as time even existed.  And so I ate anything I could get my hands on, whenever I wanted.  And then my stomach decided to jump ship because it disagreed with this new plan.  But we’ll not go into all that.  I hear your sigh of relief.  You're welcome.

I feel the need to add this disclaimer to everyone that may be mad at me for not posting, or be shaking their head because they said all along that I wouldn’t post on my trip blog.  Well I have news for all you disbelievers-of-my-blogging-ability.   I have legit reasons for not blogging.  Case One - Tuesday Night: we arrived at Entebbe Airport in Uganda at 10pm, went through customs, and then through a dark parking lot to load our suitcases onto a van, a van that promptly whisked us away and sped off into the night.  It was fast.  And furious.  And I loved it.  I only got scared once.  Okay maybe twice.  Okay maybe thrice.  Okay maybe….   Case Two - Wednesday night:  We got back from BULOBA to the gorgeous house in Kampala that we stay (only sleep) in, ate a late (delicious) dinner of Ugandan beef, potatoes, rice, pasta, peas, avocado, and pineapple, and then played a few games of bananagrams, rummy, rummikub, uno, and blackjack and right when I was headed to write the post and load pictures.... the power went out!  And it didn't come back on for a long time.  So you see, I did my best.  I was at the mercy of 25 hours of travel and finicky electricity.  I rest my case.

Here is my team:

that's: rjdanjonathanamymejenniferdaviscaseyjosh
You're lookin' at a good bunch of folks, folks.   

So, after being in route for 25 hours, we slept for 4 hours, and then as I told you before, we woke up to the sound of roosters crowing, geese and cars honking, dogs yowling, and other totally ordinary and mundane sounds of the morning.  We ate a breakfast of white-ish eggs, some type of fried pastry-thing stuffed with black peas, toast, and bananas.  The bananas were worthy of a photo-shoot:

Just look how cute and tiny! It's okay, you can say 'awwww.' I know you want to.

After breakfast we were given a van tour of Kampala, the capital city of Uganda.  This is Eddie, our fearless and excellent driver.  After I got over my initial shock of flying down dirt roads or poorly-paved roads with boda-boda's (motorcycle taxis) intermingled with pedestrians and cyclists, I feel totally safe with Eddie as our personal chauffeur.  He can come within inches, no, millimeters, of other cars or people and maneuver the van expertly through, around, and in-between them all---without using the brakes.  We've been told, by people who know, that Eddie knows every back road there ever was or is, and I believe it.  

And here is some of what we saw on our tour of Kampala:

Scaffolding, Uganda-style!  It's insane. And incredible.


  1. thanks for the update, that looks just crazy, can't believe our team will be there in a week and a half... glad you were finally able to get power and internet enough to post, we are praying for you and your team

  2. Haha that's awesome! It's a lot more city-like than I thought it would be. And I said "awww" to the tiny bananas before I even read the caption. Hope you're having fun, dear sister. We miss you and love you!
    Nancy Pants